Gemini System

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gemini system (n.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
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A gemini system is a system that is dual-natured in a way. They may have a dual headspace or be composed of two groups of headmates, with the halves reflecting each other in a way that is meaningful to the system.

For example, the groups may front in specific complementary situations, such as work-life and home-life, day and night, etc.

The system's functions may also be dual-natured. Co-fronting members may each take control of one half of the body, or eclipse each other. Memories may be stored in two halves, with one member holding factual memory and another holding emotions.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Binary systems, diplotic systems, and diapathic systems are ones that have or had exactly two headmates. These may or may not also be gemini systems.