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godlet (n.)
Other formsGodshard, Small God
SynonymsDeitylet, Divinitylet, Divinlet
Applies toheadmates
CoinerIšena Šimigiwe of the Mercurial Gates Venah

A godlet is essentially a "smaller", introjected form of a deity, a single perspective on a broader oversoul or mythic entity that extends beyond the person/godlet in question, whether or not it is a literal entity that extends beyond or just a collective perception of all portrayals and introtives of said deity. Godlets are system members and fully part of their system unless they explicitly identify as otherwise, and they may or may not have spiritual roles or duties inside the system, or in outerworld spiritual practice as spiritualists.[1]

The term "godlet" was coined to augment or replace the pre-existing term of godshard, as the latter can very often be seen as dehumanizing to deities in systems, and imply they are not fully people, or are simply an "extension" of an otherworldly divine will and not their own independent being with free will.

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