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guzzler (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates

A guzzler is a headmate whose role is feeding and/or hydrating the body and/or system. They can look for food, learn to cook, scavenge, etc. Some might be assisting other headmates with eating disorders, feeding the body so they won't have to personally experience eating or have to engage in it if that's too hard for them, or they might help headmates in headspace to eat, if eating is necessary to keep their forms alive. For some, the guzzler might just be a small helping hand; for others, they may heavily rely on them to stay fed and physically well.

Sustainer, "to sustain the body or other headmates"/"to give sustenance", was coined by ASDS as a synonym for those who may be uncomfortable with the role's name.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Consumanauts similarly help their system eat or deal with eating disorders.

Guzzlers are considered a subterm of caretaker.