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hc-did (n.)
a flag with seven equal stripes, and white lineart flowers across the bottom half of the flag. the colours, from top to bottom, are: brown, orange, black, white, dark teal, pale purple, pale pink
HC-DID flag by The Cabinet of Curiosities
Other formsprogrammed system, ramcoa system
Synonymshighly complex DID, highly complex Dissociative Identity Disorder
Applies topartitionary systems, system functions
Origincommunity term

Highly Complex Dissociative identity Disorder (HC-DID) is a term that describes systems formed due to programming.

HC-DID does not refer to the severity of the system's trauma, or how disabled the system is. Rather, HC-DID refers to the complexity of the system's structure/formation.

HC-DID commonly presents very similar to Polyfragmentation, though this is not always the case.

There is only one required characteristic of HC-DID systems, and that is the presence of headmates who were forcibly formed by an outside party.

Some common characteristics of HC-DID systems are:

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Internal handler


Flag Meaning[edit | edit source]

Brown - forced splitting

Orange - programming

Black - dissociation, judgement, and isolation

White - intersectionality

Blue - community

Purple - deprogramming

Pink - acceptance and self love

Flowers - growth and survival

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