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songgenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates

Songgenic is an origin term relating to music and/or a specific genre of such. Examples of this could include loving a song so much you form a headmate or system out of it, or relating to a genre or general history of music which your system is formed based off of.

Subterms[edit | edit source]

Term Song Interpret Coiner(s)
Chalacomgenic The Chattering Lack of Common Sense Ghost Wrmsys[1]
Heatwavegenic Heat Waves Glass Animals Wrmsys[1]
Honomegenic Honey I'm Home Ghost Wrmsys[1]
Lidagenic Little Dark Age MGMT Wrmsys[1]
Novacogenic Novocaine Ghost and Creep-P Wrmsys[1]
Othsiparagenic The Other Side of Paradise Glass Animals Wrmsys[1]
Spiwallgenic Spider on the Wall Ghost Wrmsys[1]
Watfallgenic Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth Glass Animals Wrmsys[1]
Waydowgogenic Way Down We Go Kaleo Wrmsys[1]

References[edit | edit source]