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General Info[edit | edit source]

idle (n., v.)
SynonymsANP, Caesian
Applies toheadmates
CoinerSpectator Mode

Idle is a role that can be used in place of ANP.

An Idle headmate is a headmate that do not have any "job" roles or any roles such as Trauma holder.

It could be used in place of a Job role since Idle means "not active" an Idle headmate does not have a job in the system.

It does not matter if or what type of Introject they are or what Age they are (whether they are a Little, Middle or Adult).

They may also have their own Trauma both from source memories or from their time in the system, but they are disconnected from the systems trauma.

Term Uses[edit | edit source]

This term can overlap with any Role that is not considered a Job/Task descriptor roles. For instance it should not be used with Host, Co-Host, Gatekeeper, Protecter, etc.

It can be used with Label descriptor roles such as Little, Middle, factive, fictive, introject, etc.

Trauma Holder is subjective as some systems use this term for headmates who hold any trauma, specifically trauma unrelated to the system as a whole. Those members may apply to this role, but those that hold the systems trauma do not.