In-System Government

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in-system government (n.)
Other formsinternal government
Synonymsinternal hierarchy / in-system hierarchy, internal administration / in-system administration
Applies tosystems, headmates
Originin circulation

An in-system government is a structure within a system that holds executive power, enforces a hierarchy, and/or handles organisation and administrative duties. It may consist of headmates or groups of headmates, sentient system functions, function layers, and any internal structures or functions that support and uphold the hierarchy.

A government may be given by a system's structure, be chosen or even elected, and may even be totalitarian in nature. It may be controlling and tied to power and abilities, or relate to duties and responsibilities. Government members may hold their position inherently, be forced into it, or choose to take it up.

The term "government" may only describe the top executive tier of a system's overall hierarchy, or it may refer to any part of an internal hierarchy, possibly including all headmates if there is an encompassing ranking.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

In-system governments may be found in systems with archaic or leader-compartmentalised structures, and may be absent in leveled systems. There may be different factions active, including accusers and mutineers that rally against those in charge.

Gatekeepers may be part of an internal hierarchy by nature of their abilities, managers may carry their role as a descriptor due to participating in an internal government.