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headspace (n.)
Synonymsinner world, innerworld, wonderland, mindspace, mindscape, soulscape
Applies tosystem functions

A headspace (also known as inner world or wonderland) is a place that members of a system can visit or inhabit, where they can talk to other headmates.

Not every system has one, but many do. It is also not unique to systems. Singlets may have a headspace as well.

Common Attributes[edit | edit source]

Some headspaces feature fronting rooms, which are a location where members can go in order to perform actions with the body.

Sometimes headmates may only exist in headspace, or may stop or start fronting. In these cases, the only communication they have with the outside world is via another headmate talking to them.

Headspaces can have various themes - sometimes they take the form of a bedroom or small home, but they can also take other forms like a large hall. They can also be entire worlds, which might be inspired by a specific game or TV show, or a general theme like science fiction or fantasy.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Fronting room refers to an area, room, or another place inside a headspace where members go in order to front.

Gateway can be used to describe a headspace, which is connected to another world.