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insider (n., adj.)
Synonymsnon-fronter (n.); non-fronting (adj.); inner residence (adj.)
Applies toheadmates

Insider refers to:

A) A headmate that does not front, or take control of the body. They may prefer to passively influence whoever is fronting, stay co-conscious, or only front in blends.

Some insiders may not be able to front, or even be aware the system exists, similar to NPCs.

B) A word for a headmate in a system, possibly more used with DID and is an older term[1].

C) A word for a headmate who does not have a role.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A) Insiders never or rarely interact with our shared reality. They may be locked from the fronting area for their own safety (possibly to being a persecutor and/or a trauma holder), and some insiders don't have a choice in their status. Other insiders might be within a subsystem who may control the headspace body, but not the meatspace one.

B) Can be an alternate term for headmate, alter, system member, or pluran.

C) Roleless can also be used in place of insider.

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