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integration (n., v.)
Other formsintegrate (v.); integrated (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates
OriginPsychiatric term

Integration is a medical term describing the processing of information into one's worldview and understanding. For traumatized singlets, integration may come in the form of acknowledging trauma, incorporating it into their personal narrative, and accepting that their urges & negative feelings are theirs.

In the specific view of disordered systems, integration means becoming more whole and cohesive through trauma processing, oftentimes through fusion (especially final fusion and the lowering of amnesiac barriers). Instead of being taught that "all thoughts are theirs", they may learn switching and how to access other headmates easier, or minimize amnesia.

Many systems are uncomfortable with the idea of no longer being plural and avoid the final fusion aspect often associated with integration. However, even the most basic trauma therapy for disordered systems can be seen as integration.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

In the past, fusion & integration were synonyms; however, the terms have been separated. They are still used interchangeably by some and in some spaces, the latter may be censored to avoid triggering the idea of losing headmates.