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intercosm (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems

An intercosm is a place in a system that is between a layer/other system area and paracosm. This may be an area with both attributes of a paracosm and the headspace, an area where paratives reside, or any other variety of experiences. Intercosms are not the whole headspace, and may only be accessible through daydreaming, may have a storyline, and may “run” or continue the story even if no one is daydreaming. Intercosm may be similar to/fall under soulcosms.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Systems who have an intercosm are often paratien, or have their paracosm overlap, be fused with, or otherwise accessible through the headspace. They may also have dreamways, or a form of gateway where the other worlds are paracosm(s).

A system whose functions, headmate roles, and/or headspace are heavily influenced by daydreaming could be MaDDbased.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was coined to be exclusive to daydreaming systems.

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