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isoscegenic (adj.)
A flag of seven horizontal stripes of equal width: midnight blue, greyish cerulean, mint, pinkish sand, red-orange, raspberry, and maroon.
Applies tosystems
CoinerOrange Orchard System

Isoscegenic refers to a system with one primary origin, but also has a few headmates that don't have the same origin as the system as a whole.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Isoscegenic is a subset of mixed origin & polygenic, as it involves multiple causes within the collective. For example, a traumagenic system with a few walk-ins can consider themselves an isoscegenic system.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The isoscegenic flag is just as diverse as the systems who may use the term. In order:

The midnight blue stripe represents the overarching system origin; the cerulean stripe represents not neatly fitting in existing boxes; the mint stripe represents spiritual & created origins; the pinkish-tan stripe represents communication and hope for acceptance; the red-orange stripe represents "natural", spontaneous, and adaptive origins; the raspberry stripe represents complexity due to having multiple origins; and the maroon stripe represents different origins, contrasting with the dark blue first stripe.

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