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jailer (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates

Similar to both Imprisoner and Warden, this role was designated to be used on headmates who aren't considered persecutors by themselves or by others and work on keeping the system safe from headmates that are deemed necessary to be jailed.

This term isn't meant to be used in a negative or dictatorial way; rather, it often goes hand-in-hand with Auctoritas systems. Jailers are viewed as a helpful role, not abusive, and there are often rules or even leges that must be followed by Jailers.

Jailers can be chosen, or they could form with the role, depending on their source, and if they have one.

In some systems, Jailers may be designated a layer to hold the headmates that have been deemed necessary of being jailed, and other headmates may or may not be able to enter said layer. When there is a layer designated for jailed headmates, the layer's appearance tends for vary depending on what a system needs for its headmates.

In instances of Auctoritas systems, Jailers may work a lot with Advocatus headmates in ways much similar to policemen and lawyers of the outerworld, but oftentimes with less corruption and more willingness to work together.

Other roles Jailers may work with or have are Imprisoners, Wardens, DNI Holders, and Internal Protectors.