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janusian (n.)
A Janusian role flag that features a diamond in the center with two lines running off, and four segments around it. The diamond is split down the middle into two colors, an orange-cream on the right and a pale purple on the left. On the right, the colored segments around the flag are longer, as their edge extends down from the diamond. The segments on the left are a dull eggplant purple and a dusty mauve, and the segments on the right are a reddish-orange and a dark reddish-brown.
Applies toheadmates
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A janusian is a headmate who can function as both a protector and/or a persecutor depending on the situation.

Janusian does have other meanings, unrelated to the context of this term. It can be things relating to Janus, the Roman deity of gateways and duality; or it may also refer to the ability to have multiple thoughts simultaneously.

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Both persecutor and protector have sublabels that a janusian can identify with specifically: malicitor for the former, and swordsperson, avenger, and emotional guardian for the latter.

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