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kiagenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates, headspaces (Kiaseeded, Kiasown), system functions (Kiatien)
Coinerthe NGC Collective

Kiagenic refers to a system, headspace, headspace layers, cosmoses, metalayers or any alarachs, sisasystem or system member formed out of chaos/pre-existing or primordial potential energy for existence, brought or manifested into existence or awareness via gentle nudging of unconscious processes.[1]

Kiagenic is distinct from parogenic in that it is not a conscious process with directed willful intent, though it can have more minor conscious elements.

The term can also be used as an origin term for “accidental parogenic/willogenic systems/members”, who arise from deliberate action, but not intent to become plural/create system members.

The term was created based on the concept of chaos in chaos theory, as well as the concept of kia in chaos magic, and the ancient Greek primordial Chaos, though it’s intended to be a fully agnostic and separate term usable by all.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Kiagenic overlaps with parogenic and déagenic origins, and can be metaphysical/aethergenic in nature, but again, doesn't have to be.

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