Kin System

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kin system (n., adj.)
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Other formsKincontinuum, System-kin
Applies tosystems

Kin systems is an umbrella term for many different definitions, including;[1]

1. A system whose members are kinforms/forms headmates from their kintypes, or their kintypes gain autonomy and become system members.

2. A person who’s stuck between otherkin and plural. A person who could be considered kingenic, but is stuck between Kintypes that feel self-contained and autonomous, and a system. Similar to a median system, where you’re interconnected and less distinct than multiple systems (also called kincontinuum).

3. A person who became a system through having a kintype of a system (usually called being System-kin).[2]

4. An umbrella term for different people who feel like their otherkin-ness and pluralness are interconnected and related to each other.

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