Kin System

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kin system (n., adj.)
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Other formsKincontinuum, System-kin
Applies tosystems

Kin systems is an umbrella term for many different definitions, including;[1]

1. A system whose members are kinforms/forms headmates from their kintypes, or their kintypes gain autonomy and become system members.

2. A person who’s stuck between otherkin and plural. A person who could be considered kingenic, but is stuck between Kintypes that feel self-contained and autonomous, and a system. Similar to a median system, where you’re interconnected and less distinct than multiple systems (also called kincontinuum).

3. A person who became a system through having a kintype of a system (usually called being System-kin).[2]

4. An umbrella term for different people who feel like their otherkin-ness and pluralness are interconnected and related to each other.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

The term may also be used by trolls, those misinformed, or as a bad faith identity. It can also refer to singlets who are confusing experiences of being polykin with plurality without malicious intent. The term was originally used in this manner and may be considered a red flag in some communities, especially ones with a large kin and plural intersection.

References[edit | edit source]