Layer Cluster

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layer cluster (n.)
SynonymsCosmic Cluster, Metaalarach, Metalarach
Applies toheadspaces
CoinerVivian Argentum of Laurelindórenan Lindelorendor (Layer cluster, cosmic cluster); Meilerah Lánaβas of Laurelindórenan Lindelorendor (metaalarach, metalarach)

A layer cluster, or cosmic cluster, is a group of layers that are linked or associated with each other voluntarily.

Synonyms include metalarach (alternatively spelt metaalarach). Layer clusters can also consist of meta-layers, meta-gateways, and cosmoses.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A layer cluster may include any kind of layer, metalayer, or cosmos, and is a group of individual headspaces.

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