Leveled Structured

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leveled structured (adj.)
SynonymsUniform polyfragmented, even polyfragmented
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerThe Old Blood Brotherhood

Leveled polyfragmented describes polyfragmented, polyplural, polymultiple, or polyfaceted systems that have minimal internal ranking, government, or hierarchy or lack it completely.

Usually these are systems where everyone is equally in control of internal functions or everyone lacks control over them. Either way, these systems do not function in the same way archaic polyfragmented systems do and may even front, switch, and do other things differently than them.

Leveled, uniform, and even where all chosen because they portray the same “no one is more powerful or less powerful than me." This could also be called anarchy polyfragmented systems.[1]

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Other terms that describe the layout or function of a polyfragmented system are:

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