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malicitor (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates

A malicitor is a system member who seeks to harm others for their own personal gain, rather than than to the benefit of their system.

Because of its nature, the term should be used only for self identification, rather than in an accusatory fashion.

In some cases, they can be redeemed and reformed, but it may be difficult and dangerous to attempt. Some malicitors harm others because they feel they need to in order to protect someone they care about.

Malicitors typically know that they are harming others, and usually want to continue doing so.

Some may identify using the term because they will lash out without reason, but others may use it only because they could do it under specific circumstances.


The term was originally coined by Neptune's Sanctuary and has since become a common term in plural communities. Many plurality glossaries list a definition different from that of the original coiner, while still attributing it to them, which has caused the definition to vary between communities.

Related Terms

Trechtor is a term coined to be an alternative that isn't used against people, for self-identification.

Persecutor is the class of headmates that malicitor was used against.

Persecutor-Otherholder can be considered a synonym to malicitor, minus the complicated history.