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metalayer (n.)
Applies toheadspaces
CoinerVivian Argentum of the Laurelindórenan Lindelorendor System

A metalayer is a series of worlds or otherwise separated places that exist in the same physical, “physical”, or literal space in a system, where travel is (theoretically, at least) easy between them.[1]

A metalayer is distinct from a cosmos in that the worlds are connected physically or the-equivalent-to-physically - one can travel between them directly from point A to point B, though depending on the limitations of the innerworld in question this may not be practically possible without teleportation.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Metalayers are made up of individual layers.

A metalayer is a type of individual headspace.

A cosmos is a correspondent term. referring to layers linked nonphysically or indirectly.

Alarach (also Suniomin, Suni) is an umbrella term for layers, metalayers, and cosmoses that "stand on their own", as distinct units completely independent from each other

Gateways may be metagateways, when they are structured similarly or the same to metalayers.

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