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metaregnum (n.)
SynonymsSidesystem Cluster
Applies tosystems
CoinerLiamath Ro'Meave of the O'Khasis Metaregnum

A metaregnum (plural: metaregna) is a loose grouping of sidesystems, that is formalized, informal, or historical in nature, and may overlap with other metaregna. It is less of a discrete, "solid" unit than a hemisystem, mesosystem, or sidesystem, and is very often a voluntary association, without necessarily having a structural element to it.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A metaregnum is similar in structure to a layer cluster and a lavhachruk, and is a variety of sisasystem cluster. As a sisasystem cluster term, metaregnum is related to other sisasystem terms, especially hemisystems and mesosystems, which may contain metaregna, as well as sidesystems, which metaregna are made up of.