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middlex (n.)
the flag has a square diamond in the center with thin horizontal stripes extending from the left and right corners to the edges of the flag. the left half and stripe are blue-grey and the right half and stripe are dark faded indigo. the top left of the flag is dark pinkish-red and the bottom left of the flag is blue-black; these sections extend in the same direction as the sides of the diamond, thus taking up more than half of the flag. the top right of the flag is light grey-green and the bottom right is light grey-yellow.
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A middlex is a non-explicit term for a middle, or age-slider, that holds trauma with more adult themes (such as negative sexual, or drug-related experiences). It can also refer to introjects of trauma related to it.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The term is based on littlex, and its flag colors are based on the trauma holder and systeen flag colors.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Littlex is the equivalent of middlex for littles/syskids.

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