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misaconscious (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions

A misaconscious system (or subsystem, layer, etc.) is partly monoconscious and partly polyconscious for any reason. It may depend on who is switching to who, what subsystem/layer/etc. it’s switching between, and/or anything else.

Misaconscious may be used as an umbrella term for any experiences that are both polyconscious and monoconscious, such as consciousflux.

Experiences a misaconscious system may have:

  • Depending on who you’re switching between, the transition feels more like becoming that system member, or the system member completely taking over the front.
  • Depending on whether members are median or not could influence whether it feels polyconscious or monoconscious.
  • One’s experience with consciousness could be unclear, and broadly fits somewhat into both polyconscious and monoconscious.[1]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The flag is meant to represent a mix of polyconscious and monoconscious, using purple which is a mix of red and blue (the colors in the poly/mono flags, respectively). The term “misaconscious” stems from the Greek τα μισα (ta misa), meaning “half.” The moon was chosen as a symbol because it both influences the sea, and the growth of plants (the two symbols found on the flags). [1]