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Mutoconscious refers to a system that when members are fronting they are exclusivly monoconscious but when in headspace and not fronting members are hydraconscious .[1]

mutoconscious (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerThe Covert Collective

Experiences mutoconscious systems may include:

  • having one distinct consciousness for fronting, that whoever is in front “steps into”
  • switching feels like “becoming” someone else, as described in monoconscious systems.
  • in the headspace and not fronting, each system member has both a seprate consciousness and the shared one.
  • While fronting accessing headspace may be more difficult since it has a differnt form of consciousness

Similar terms[edit | edit source]

Mutoconscious is similar to cephaconscious but rather than being only polyconscious in headspace members are hydraconscious.

Atrium systems may have a similar concepts when it comes to memory sharing but it is not tied to fronting.

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