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nugagenic (adj.)
Nugagenic flag
Flag by the Felight system and the Celestial Ruminations System. Colors taken from the Empty System flag, as asking a nugagenic system their origin is an empty question.
Synonymsquoigenic, agenic
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerCelestial Ruminations System

Nugagenic (noo·guh·jen·ik)[1][2] is a term for a system who feels that discussing or classifying their origin has no real value or significance and/or feels that their origin is unimportant and thus speaking on it has no inherent worth.

Term Origin[edit | edit source]

This term comes from the word “nugatory,” meaning “of little or no importance; trifling."[3] The suffix -genic describes system origins.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Quoigenic refers to a system who does not wish to share their origin for any reason. Agenic refers to a system who does not identify with any origin.

History[edit | edit source]

"Nugagenic" was coined by Melvin of the Celestial Ruminations System in the #Redditulpas Discord server in January 2023. To quote, "I coined the term nugagenic because while I felt that while other labels could fit, none of them felt quite right. We don't view our system's origin as important or really all that necessary to talk about, it's a rather worthless question. And our identity doesn't revolve around our origin, personally, so we feel that ours is worthless in that regard. What matters is what we make with the time that we have together and how we help each other through whatever trauma and whatever problems we may have. We just wanted to turn that to properly and accurately describe how he feel, and who knows, maybe others might feel the same way."

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