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o-system (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerThe FABLE System

An O-system is a system where the headmates are original "characters" who, once created, took over their development and introduced themselves, their backstory, and more.

They tend to have their own headspace that relates to their backstory and life, and they tend not to be able to fully front, but can mask themselves onto other headmates from different system origins as a way to connect with the outside physical universe/world.

While many systems can have headmates who felt to be or originally were "original characters", omates are not headmates in the same way that headmates of other system origins are.

While they have sentience and their own lives and personalities, they do not exist within this universe to any degree except that osters have brought them in via creating them here.

They exist in their own lives and backstories, often expressing those lives in alternate headspaces. Omates can develop and jump from an ostem to another system and gain more connection to this world/universe.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Olters/Omates: The term to refer to the "characters"/headmates the belong to an Ostem

Oster: Can refer to a system containing an Ostem subsystem or can refer to the "creator" of the characters who introduced themselves and became omates.

History[edit | edit source]

O-systems are named after the FABLE System's subsystem of the same name and origin, the Ostem and its terms were created as a way to distinguish the members of their O-System from the members of their other systems.

As well as having an Ostem subsystem, they also have a "main" traumagenic system (The FABLE System) and a multigenic (neurogenic/traumagenic) subsystem (The Lïme System), however these omates, when they showed up, did not fit into either of them.

With this in mind, they began to observe their existence to understand if they fit into another defined system origin. In the end, they decided it was most fitting for them to create and coin a term that fit them, and perhaps it will be something that others find fitting to them and their system(s) as well!

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