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obsonātor (n.)
Obsonātor flag
Other formsobsonator
Applies toheadmates
Coiner A Shattered Dragon's Spirit, and Crow

An obsonātor (alt. obsonator) is a type of soother that surrounds the body's mind with an overwhelming song or thought to block out another sysmate's distressing thought, intrusive thought, or stuck song syndrome.

Obsonātors differ from sirens as obsonātors don't sing the music or speak the thought. It projects from them at their will, and fills the space around them. They can continue to talk or think their own thoughts while this happens, but it can be difficult to focus on doing both at once.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was created when Grave/Eric, a songtive from A Shattered Dragon's Spirit, was unable to find an existing term to describe his role. When the host of the system had a triggering song stuck in their head, Eric blocked out the song by projecting music from his source artist to envelop the host, giving them something else to focus on until they had calmed down and their stuck song had faded away.

Eric and the host coined the term together in Discord DMs with their singlet friend known as Crow, taking the Latin root "obsonō" meaning "to interrupt by a sound or by speaking, drown out"[1], and the suffix "-tor", creating a job title.

The colours of the flag are sampled from various album covers of Eric's source artist.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

  • This role is considered a type of soother.
  • This role is similar to sirens, who sing a song to calm the system, instead of projecting a song.

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