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otherhearted (n., adj.)
Synonymsother-hearted (n., adj.), animal-hearted (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates

Otherhearted is a term that refers to having a deep connection/bond with something, such as strongly relating to it, acting like it, or understanding it, but not quite being it; identifying with instead of as something. This something is typically a non-human and/or animal species, though some may use the term to refer to fictional characters.

The specific identity of someone who is otherhearted is often called a hearttype, similar in usage to kintype, though it can also be used as something-hearted. (Ex: "I have a raccoon hearttype, so I'm raccoon-hearted.")

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Synpath is technically synonymous with otherhearted, though it is more often used to refer to connections to fictional characters than to non-humans and/or animals.

Otherkin, therians, fictionkin, and factkin are individuals who (typically involuntarily) identify as a non-human, fictional, or factual being because of a spiritual or psychological belief. Similarly, an otherlink is a (typically voluntary) identity as a non-human, fictional, or factual being not because of a spiritual or ingrained psychological belief, but for any other reason. If the reason is to cope with something, it may also be called a copinglink. This differs from being otherhearted because kin, otherlinkers, and copinglinkers still identify as something, not just with it.