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pacific (n., adj.)
Pacific flag: three horizontal stripes of (from top to bottom) a dark pink, a moderate pink, and a light pink. Each stripe has a wavy line of a different one of the other shades of pink.
Pacific flag.
Applies toheadmates
CoinerThe Felight system

A pacific (puh·sif·ik)[1] is a headmate whose role is to promote and engage in relaxing activities, such that the system feels calm and stress-free. They may value self-care and strive to achieve and maintain a healthy mind through meditation, reading, sitting in nature, listening to music, or any other tranquil activities. However, a pacific uses discretion in determining when and how to encourage these actions, so the system does not become complacent or lazy. Rather, they may advocate for the fronters to take breaks or pace themselves through activities so they do not become tired or burned out. They may also research and promote grounding practices and coping strategies to assist the system through periods of distress or anxiety.

Term Origins[edit | edit source]

Pacific is defined as “peaceful or helping to cause peace.”[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A pacific may also serve as a destressor or a soother for their system, however they do not only participate in their role during times of stress or distress, but rather emphasize cultivating a peaceful mind and body as a part of daily life. Unlike a destressor, a pacific may not front to accomplish their goal, and unlike a soother, it may not be their mere presence that calms the system, but rather the self-care activities and practices that they encourage.

The act of researching coping strategies may make them akin to a therapist.

A pacific may work as a complement to a delight, whose role is to promote fun and joy.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was coined by the Felight system in April 2023 to describe their tulpa, Gelato Sweet.

References[edit | edit source]