Parallel System

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parallel system (n., adj.)
A graphic showing parallel lives from "Reincarnation, the next level"
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerA) Systemology B) Firewheel Vortex group, Fae of the Vale

Parallel System has two different definitions.

A) A system experiencing parallel existence - one self-existing in multiple timelines, each experiencing a different possibility, but aware of one another even if unable to enter into one another's timelines.

A similar belief may be used by metaphysical or walk-in systems to explain how their plurality came to be. [1]

B) Two independently existing systems coexisting in one body, with or without knowledge of one another. This is a synonym to sidesystem. [2]

Because sidesystem is already covered, this page covers more about the first definition.

Parallel Lives[edit | edit source]

Parallel lives and existences in and of themselves can be experienced by singlets as well as plurals. Parallel lives occur when a lifetime exists at the same time as an individual while being in a different space; it's usually compared to past lives or future lives, or can overlap with them. Some believe we experience a limited number of parallel lives, others believe they are infinite. Parallel lives can also cross time as well as space. [3][4][5]

Parallel lives are also a theory that some spiritual kin use to explain their experiences, commonly with the belief that their kintype has an ongoing life in addition to their current one.

This can also be similar to the phenomenon of reality shifting, where one shifts their awareness to another reality.[6] Some systems who experience this phenomenon may also be reality shifters and use methods to cross between systems.

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