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parastrata (n., adj.)
Synonymsparalayer (n.)
Applies toheadspaces, system functions
CoinerJason, Tim, and June of the Pink Lemonade System

A parastrata, also known as a paralayer, is a layer in headspace where a system's paracosms are located. It is different from a scribstrata in that the residents of a parastrata are paras, parabonds, reveribonds, and/or introparas, not full headmates or paratives.[1]

If the part of headspace where a parastrata is located is perceived as existing inside a system's physical brain, it could be a type of intralayer; if it is percieved as existing outside of it, it may be a type of exolayer.

A parastrata may have gateways through which its members may leave to access other layer(s)/the rest of headspace and/or where full headmates may enter to access the paracosms; in this case, the system would be a type of dreamway.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

The term parastrata uses the suffix -strata.

Systems with paracosms may be immersive daydreamers, neuronarrators, or have Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder.

An intercosm is a place in headspace that is between a layer/other system area and a paracosm, but is not fully either, instead of a layer that holds paracosms.

A paratien system is a system whose headspace is fused with/is their paracosm(s).

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