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persecutor (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates

A persecutor is a headmate who acts harmfully towards other system members, the body, or to others.

It's common for this to be out of a misguided attempt to protect the system or themselves. Persecutors often hold internalized trauma, shame, and/or guilt, and act in reaction to it, [1] and the harm they cause may be unintentional. This can include aligning with abusers, engaging in self-harm or suicidal behaviors, abusing drugs, lashing out, etc.

All persecutors deserve kindness, patience, and the chance to work through their problems just like any other headmate. Causing harm does not make them any stronger, less distressed, nor does it mean they have less needs than other headmates.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A protector is one who protects against harm to the system; on the other hand, a malicitor is a headmate who acts harmfully out of their own enjoyment, rather than an attempt to protect the system.

Some self-labeled persecutors fall under or have fallen under the definition of malicitor listed above. It is important not to label other people, especially not sensitive labels that may have been used to harm or demonize them or could be used to do so.

As many persecutors are attempting to protect the body, the system, and themselves, some may also fit the definition of a protector: that dual role is referred to as a janusian. Persecutors can hold any other role in the system as well, but often are also coltenoirs, avengers, and trauma holders.

Persecutor Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Many people only talk about persecutor-protectors, as they are the most well-known but here's a list of some subtypes;[2][3]

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