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colôrisgenic (adj.)
Other formscolorgenic
Applies toheadmates
Coiner NeonWebb/WitchyRose

Colôrisgenic refers to a headmate, sisasystem, or other whose origin comes from colors. It could be the concept of colors, or something that happened with them that caused formation.

Colôrisgenic can be a standalone term, or it can be an umbrella term for specific color origins.

Table of Terms[edit | edit source]

Color Name Coiner(s)
Black Piceusgenic, Blackgenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Red Rubergenic, Redgenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Orange Rûfulusgenic, Orangegenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Yellow Citerusgenic, Yellowgenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Green Viridisgenic, Greengenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Blue Cÿaneusgenic, Bluegenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Purple Violâceusgenic, Purplegenic, Violetgenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Magenta Phoenîceusgenic, Magentagenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose
Pink Roseusgenic, Pinkgenic NeonWebb/WitchyRose

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

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