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pluralkit (n.)
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PluralKit is a Discord bot designed for members of systems to be able to express themselves. It allows each member of the system to have a unique name and avatar, as headmates often share a single Discord account.

When this is done, a bot tag appears next to their name, because of the way Discord and webhooks work. This is called proxying.

History[edit | edit source]

The first commit in the PluralKit GitHub repository was made on July 11, 2018.[1] This first version was written in the Python programming language, and it was later re-written from scratch in C#, with the first commit landing on April 19, 2019.[2]

During the year 2020, it grew from 15,000 servers to 82,000 servers, a growth rate of 540%.[3] It also went from 16,000 to 69,000 registered systems, and 166,000 to 919,000 members of those systems.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

  • Tupperbox, another proxying bot.
  • Autoproxy, a mode that automatically proxies messages.
  • Latch, one of the autoproxy modes.
  • Front, one of the autoproxy modes.

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