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plural rings (n.)
CoinerTracee of Oure Gaiya and/or Iris of Astraea

This page is for the plural rings symbol. For the version associated with Emmengard's origin terms, see Emmengard's plural rings.

The plural rings are a widely recognized symbol for plurality. It consists of four interlocking rings forming a Venn diagram. The symbol is often used to represent plural pride or activism.

History[edit | edit source]

The interlocking rings as a symbol for multiplicity is as least from 2011, where Tracee of Oure Gaiya possibly made it for the Yahoo's Plural Activism group on October 11th[1], and state as such later on. However, they later credit Iris of Astraea's Web for designing it, and reference themselves as "spiffing it up a bit"[2]. Various versions of the rings have been proposed over the years.[3]

LB Lee created a comprehensive history of the rings on their Dreamwidth.[1]

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