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pluritan (adj.)

The term pluritan, coming from "plural" and "puritan" describes plurals, who while not conventional system exclusionists or endophobes, have narrow-minded or exclusionary beliefs on what constitutes a valid or healthy system.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Here are some examples of pluritan beliefs, common in various sections of the plural communities.

  • Believing that systems have a size limit, and only a certain number of actual people can exist in a system
  • The belief that large systems are inherently dysfunctional, and shrinking system size is necessary for healing; may be accompanied by a belief that large systems must be distressed by their plurality
  • The insistence that people who are happy with their plurality are being disrespectful to those who are distressed by plurality
  • The beliefs that either non-disordered systems are superior to disordered ones, or that non-disordered ones are appropriating from disordered ones, irrespective of system origin
  • The belief that median systems are not fully plural, or are just singlets confused about their identity
  • The belief that plurality is inherently distressing, and systems cannot be happy with their plurality, or see it as a positive coping mechanism.
  • The belief that introject heavy systems are impossible and/or that systems with a lot of introjects from recent media must be fake

These beliefs may often be internalized, even if a system in question does not actually believe them, they may hold similar ideas about their own system as part of doubt or internalized bigotry.