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polyconscious (n., adj.)
Other formspolycon
Applies tosystems, system functions

Polyconscious refers to a system (or subsystem, layer, etc.) with multiple consciousnesses. Members have their own individual consciousness, rather than sharing one together.

Experiences a polyconscious system may have:

  • Switching feels as though you are partly/fully leaving, and someone else is taking over, rather that feeling your own consciousness change.
  • Each system member feels as though they have a distinct, separate consciousness of their own.
  • Switching feels like the person in control changes, or ‘takes over the front,’ rather than the person in front simply 'becoming’ someone else.
  • During co-fronting, you may feel multiple consciousnesses “pushed together” in the front at once.
  • Headspace may or may not be easy to access.

This term is in contrast to monoconscious, which is where a system experiences only one, shared consciousness.[1]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The flag is meant to represent switching and individual consciousnesses. The flower is meant to represent how each member has their own individual consciousness, while sharing one system (represented by the middle.)[1]

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