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polyplex (n., adj.)
Polyplex flag by Anonymous
Synonymsmagistien(n.), metasystem[1], federation[2]
Applies tosystems
CoinerWandering Worlds

A polyplex is a system that is made up of multiple sidesystems (and sometimes, subsystems) to create the collective. Polyplexes can be of any size.

Metasystem and federation are synonyms with a spiritual connotation, and federation referring to fractal or astral structure in particular.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Despite sharing a prefix with terms like polyfaceted and polymultiple, those describe system count; polyplex describes function and structure. (Polyfragmented can both describe the complexity of structure and the number of system members.)

The synonym magistien was coined by The Hollow Willow🌺#0488.

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