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praesigenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerCS&G + Glitch + Kyle and Liam of an anonymous system

Praesigenic is a system origin term that means a system doesn't want their origin known, or doesn't want to tell that specific person.[1] [2]

It's intended as a "fuck you" to the person asking. This can be for any reason, including safety or spite.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was originally coined in a discord conversation between three plurals on November, 2019. The term was posted on January 28 by CS&G on a blog owned by Glitch and it, saying all three coined it.

In March, the flag was posted again to Not-Your-Introsource, but didn't cite who the coiners were, leading many to forget it was coined by multiple people.[3]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Quoigenic, congenic, and cryptogenic are other origin terms that can be used as ways to avoid providing an origin.

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