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prioritization (n.)
Other formsPrioritizing
SynonymsFirst concern, preference, precedence
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions

Prioritization, or Prioritizing, describes a system function in which the system picks up on a system member's stress and makes it a priority to get them the help they need; this can range from a small gesture such as directing one or more members to that headmate without needing to change fronters, or as significant as pushing that headmate to the front to get the help they need.

Another path the system can take is to remove a system member from the front, or to push a system member further inside to protect them. Whether the system pushes a headmate into the foreground or the background with Prioritization varies by system and the individual member's needs.

This usually occurs when a system member approaches, meets, or goes beyond a certain threshold of stress that requires help from another system member, or requires a need to quickly retreat from the front. It's important for those with a Prioritization based system function to identify triggers, stress thresholds, how the system handles a member's stress, and the best way to recover from said stress that's tailored to individual needs.

Any system type of any origin can experience this; while systems with lower memory and communication barriers can be more likely to experience Prioritization, this is not always the case.

Related terms[edit | edit source]

Front Preference: A system function that describes the front desiring certain traits such as gender identity, special interests, and/or skills. Its desires are often unchanging and remain consistent for a longer period of time.

Calling: A system function that is related to Front Preference, but the front's preferences change often, even as rapidly as moment-to-moment for some systems, and often described as immediate or intense; usually more so than a front preference.