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Editing Projects[edit | edit source]

Dedicated Term Pages[edit | edit source]

Most pages should only define one term, and synonyms for that term. For example, Front Stuck should get its own page, rather than a brief blurb on the Fronting page.

The reason for this is so that when people use the wiki bot to search for the term, they'll get an article about specifically that term, instead of needing to fish it out of a larger article.

As a general rule of thumb, if a page has more than one Term infobox, it should be split up.

Some synonyms are not so close of synonyms after all, and might deserve to be separate pages, as well. The same principle with the wiki bot applies in these cases. As a rule of thumb, if the synonym has a different tone, it might need to be a separate page.

Known pages that need editing:

Neutral Tone[edit | edit source]

Pages on Pluralpedia should avoid antagonizing certain perspectives, intentionally or otherwise. To avoid this, we should:

  • Avoid "scare quotes". Terms don't need to be quoted most of the time, and sentences which use this for disambiguation should be re-worded or changed to use bold or italic instead. Regardless of the intent of the original author, adding quotes around terms implies a negative tone to readers.
  • Avoid loaded terminology, such as adjectives that put something in a negative light. If something is problematic, it should stand out on its own as such.

Known pages that need editing:

Formatting[edit | edit source]

Formatting pages is a project that will always be needed on Pluralpedia. This is the process of adding links, templates, and re-wording pages to better align with our style guide.

Generally, pages which need this will show up in recent changes.

Pages To Add[edit | edit source]

Pages from other plurality resources that do not yet have pages on Pluralpedia.

Note that you should never copy and paste definitions from these sites. New pages on Pluralpedia should have original wording and ideally have multiple sources. This list is mainly intended to show what pages we're currently missing compared to other dictionaries.

Also note that not all of these terms necessarily need to be pages on Pluralpedia. Some might be mentioned as synonyms of other terms, etc.

Plural Dictionary Carrd[edit | edit source]

Basic Terms[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Member Types - Jobs & Ages[edit | edit source]

Member Types - Introject Types[edit | edit source]

Member Types - Member Origins & Misc[edit | edit source]

System Types[edit | edit source]

System Structure[edit | edit source]

All of these ones with colons aren't actual terms, but are describing types. As in, you might say a system is complex, but you wouldn't say they are an "Architecture: Complex" system.

  • Architecture: Complex
  • Architecture: Median
  • Architecture: Plural
  • Architecture: Singular
  • Communication: External only
  • Communication: Internal conflicts
  • Communication: Internal only
  • Communication: Mixed
  • Communication: Poor skills
  • Fractal
  • Inner World: Absent
  • Inner World: Active
  • Inner World: Passive
  • Inner World: Restricted
  • Knowledge: Managed
  • Knowledge: Mixed
  • Knowledge: Restricted
  • Knowledge: Shared
  • Memories: Managed
  • Memories: Mixed
  • Memories: Poor Recall
  • Memories: Segregated
  • Memories: Shared
  • Mixed System
  • Polyfaceted
  • Polymultiple
  • Polyplural
  • Switching: Managed
  • Switching: Mixed
  • Switching: Reactive
  • Switching: Voluntary

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