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proxying (v.)
Other formsproxy (n.), proxying (v.)
Applies tosystem functions

Proxying generally is where one entity is relaying a message from another. There are two more specific meanings in common use in the plural community.

Meaning 1[edit | edit source]

Proxying is where a headmate is able to speak using their own name and avatar on chat platforms like Discord through the use of bots like PluralKit, or other similar software.

This makes it clearer who is speaking, and also helps headmates make their distinct identities known by others in the chat.

When this isn't possible, members might sign their name or use emojis to distinguish who's speaking. In an in-person conversation, fronting bracelets, rings, or other similar indicators might be used.

Meaning 2[edit | edit source]

Proxying is where a headmate's messages are being relayed through another member of the system. This can happen for multiple reasons, but is often because they aren't or can't front but are still co-conscious.

Sometimes, the person being relayed is not a headmate. This can include NPCs, as well as other beings, such as residents of the inner world of a gateway system.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A proxy is a string of text used to indicate which member a message should be proxied as, which is used by software like PluralKit and Tupperbox.

A system tag is text that identifies which system a member belongs to, which are often used for proxied messages.