Reality Shifting

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reality shifting
Synonymsshifting, dimensional jumping

Reality Shifting is the practice of moving one's consciousness from one reality to another, typically from this shared reality to another, equally vivid and separated, one. Shifting is something that both singlets and plurals can (theoretically) do and is not dependent on plurality status or lack of.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Gateway Systems are systems in which the inner world is perceived as a real place somewhere. Travel could be done by reality shifting, or their inner world is a place in another reality.

A Reality Gateway is a gateway in a system that is to another reality.

Ultersystem Travel is a form of system travel or astral travel that involves traveling between realities outside of the headspaces, layers, or exolayers of one’s system. This could involve reality shifting, although its a label coined by and for plurals and should not be used by singlets.