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rehabilitator (n., adj.)
Synonymspersecutor rehabilitator (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates
CoinerGeneral Duane Beckman of the Perpetuum Et Unum Diem sidesystem in The Halcyonic Storms of Anemoia polymultiple astropolyplex

A rehabilitator, also called a persecutor rehabilitator, is a headmate whose job is to 'rehabilitate', or attempt to "[restore] someone to health or normal life through training and therapy."

Rehabilitators often work with headmates that can be considered dangerous, such as intentional harmers, persecutors, aggressors, malicitors, or attackers. In order to rehabilitate the headmates, they may act as a therapist for the headmate in question, or really anything else the headmate needs in order to heal and become less harmful.

In addition, a rehabilitator may be able to act as a gatekeeper for the headmate they are rehabilitating or even other headmates, be able to control their memories and their fronting abilities. This may be to keep other headmates safe, or to help them remember what they did was wrong and way. Rehabilitators often, but not always, front alongside the rehabilitatee, often keeping enough of a distance so that the rehabilitatee feels as though they are not being constantly watched, but staying close enough to jump in if necessary.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Rehabilitators may also have other roles: such as peacemaker, diplomat, or translator in order to ease tension between the rehabilitatee and others, and soother, protector, therapist, and caretaker in order to help rehabilitate the rehabilitatee as effectively as possible. If a Rehabilitator doesn't have those roles, or needs help, they may often pair up with others with those roles so that their rehabilitatee might be healed as much as possible.

A rehabilitator may be or may work with a debugger.

A rehabilitator may be a imprisoner, confronter, or exposure therapist.