Sexual System

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sexual system (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions

A sexual system is composed of predominantly sexual headmates/protectors and the like (in the beginning of its composition) due to intensive/excessive/consistent/persistent/repetitive/ongoing sexual abuse/trauma/memory flashbacks/body flashbacks/headmate memory bleedover (flashbacks affecting a headmate's memories of the trauma)/headmate-body bleedover (the headmate out in the body experiencing body flashbacks of the trauma)

A sexual system may be created after sexual abuse to help cope with the trauma. At the beginning of the system's creation, there may be several sexual headmates/protectors (the like, etc...) to help cope with the trauma, but as time goes on if the trauma hasn’t healed/begun to heal (since the memories are still there, and as the flashbacks continue to happen, memory/body recall, bleedthrough, etc...) more of these headmates will be made to help cope and compartmentalise the trauma, there will be others that aren't solely derived/reliant (as the source of the headmate) from the trauma (entomates, and others, introjects, etc...)that aren't the result of the trauma, instead on other sources of different kinds of trauma/other sources (splits, introjects, .etc...)

Note: It’s important to note that although sexual systems may result in many sexual alters (or headmates that have sexual characteristics or exhibit sexual behaviour subconsciously or consciously toward each other), the other headmates that are also there (or are created or have been there since before the creation of sexual alters/protectors (…etc…) may also exhibit such traits even though they haven’t been derived from that same trauma

In a shorter note, we “rub off” on one another, but that doesn’t necessarily make us of the same trauma or derived from thereof— or even still, it doesn’t make the other alter (whose been “rubbed off” on) a sexual alter

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