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shiftien (n., adj.)
Other formsShiftgenic
SynonymsSemi-Seperated Subsystem
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerHobo Soup & Spectator Mode

Shiftien is a type of subsystem whose members are semi-separated and able to exist within their own individual bodies in headspace, or share one body. Think of it as assembling and disassembling a subsystem. There are two ways that sharing a body may present for this type of subsystem;

A) The members share the body of another member usually but not always the host.

B) The members will share an innerworld body that only exists when the shiftien is assembled

For the latter; the body that exists only while the Shiftien is assembled can be referred to as a Vessel "a person, especially regarded as holding or embodying a particular quality.[1]"

Shiftien Functions[edit | edit source]

(These may not apply to every Shiftien)

Shiftien subsystems can be of any type of origin, the members can form together as a shiftien or just a subsystem, or they can become a subsystem later.

Shiftien's may be able to assemble some members and not all members or they may need all members to assemble.

a Shiftien may have an innerworld that exists with or without being assembled: The innerworld can (usually) be accessed by all shiftien members, and depending on each Shiftien, the ability to access this innerworld may depend on whether they are assembled or not. What this means is it may be possible for a disassembled Shiftien to access their innerworld the same as they might while assembled.

Comparison to 'Similar' terms[edit | edit source]

This is not similar to Blending/Blurring, temporary-fusion or any term that has similar definition as these members are not just temporarily fusing, they can in most cases still be distinct individuals (partitionary).

Flicker Subsystem- The system doesn't flicker in and out of existence it simply disassembles into seperate members

Subsplit- a Shiftien can -at times- be Subsplit but they are not 100% of the time

History[edit | edit source]

The two systems who worked to coin this term both have experienced this and wanted something more than semi-separated subsystem to describe their experience

the original name was going to be Subshift but that term was dropped after the original draft was deleted and remade.