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sisasystem cluster
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CoinerWinter of the Moonlight Symphony Tharyath

A sisasystem cluster (or zellanruk in the Fhinanara-kah terminology system) is a loosely defined and organized grouping of sisasystems, generally but not always of the same type. These are most often formalized, informal, or historical in nature, and they often overlap with each other. They are less discrete units like sisasystems, and are very often somewhat or fully voluntary in nature.

History[edit | edit source]

Sisasystem cluster as a term comes from the common usage of "cluster", typically applied to individual headmates, and extended to apply to sisasystems in a general manner.

Zellanruk is an exosprache term, coming from the language spoken by its coiner (Meilerah) inworld. It is part of the Fhinanara-kah terminology system created by Meilerah and other members of the Moonlight Symphony Tharyath, and is a combination of zellan (roughly meaning sisasystem), and the term/affix ruk, which refers to clusters of headspaces or sisasystems, combining with sisasystem terms to form for example Lavhachruk for clusters of Lavhaches/hemisystems, or other coordinate terms in the series.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Some types of sisasystem clusters are metaregna (clusters of sidesystems), lavhachruks (clusters of hemisystems), and vhenaruks (clusters of subsystems).