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spiribond (n., v., adj.)
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A spiribond is a system member who originates from outside their system’s psychological brain. They may be temporary members/daytrippers, permanent members of a system, semi-permanent members or in between.

Spiribonds do not necessarily have to have a correspondent known in this reality, be that a fictional correspondent (as in fictives), a real-world correspondent (as in factives), a mythological or religious correspondent (as in myctives or spiritives), an intra-system correspondent (as in intra-factives/internal factives), or anything of the like, but spiribonds often do have correspondents.

Spiribonds do not have to come from outside the system as a whole, but are discovered, found, or discover or find the system, and are not created by the brain. In some cases spiribonds may be found, discovered, or bonded to the system through psychological imprinting that matches up to their consciousness, soul, spirit or identity, calling them and connecting them to their system’s brain or body. Spiribonds may also be intentionally contacted or reached out to by a system. Spiribonds can have any origin in addition to their spiritual and metaphysical nature, being endogenic, traumagenic, soulbased, stressgenic, adaptive, consciously contacted as part of a created/intentional system, spontaneously arriving, or anything else.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

The spiribond umbrella includes soulbonds, spiritual walk-ins, exobonds, liminbonds and intrabonds, and includes some fictives, factives, myctives, spiritives and other introtives. It serves as a contrasting term to the word introject, as (as introjection is viewed in the psychological community) spiribonding is an entirely different process and path from the internalization of outside ideas that introjection is traditionally defined by in psychological and psychiatric contexts.