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switching (n., v.)
Other formsswitch (v., n.), switchy (adj.)
Applies tosystem functions

Switching is when the current fronter(s) of the system changes. The term is used in the medical field.[1]

This can vary between something that happens constantly, or by accident, to something that requires much effort or happens only once a day or once a week. The experience of what switching is like also varies between systems.

Switching can also take varying amounts of time, which can sometimes result in blend states in the in-between time.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

"Switchy" is used by some systems when they are switching a lot or if they feel like they are about to switch.

Fronting is the general term for the process of members taking over for interacting with the outside world.

Some systems experience headpressure while switching, or when a member is trying to cause a switch.