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headmate (n.)
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Other formssystem member (n.), sysmate (n.) pluran (n.)

A headmate is a singular person or entity in a plural system or collective. They can be clearly separated (like in DID or OSDD-1b, called a multiple or partitionary system) or more blurry and fluid (like in median or OSDD-1a).

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

An alter or part is the medical term for a headmate, however it has never exclusively referred to systems with traumatic origins and these terms have interchangeable definitions. It is up to a specific system to decide whatever terminology they prefer.

"System member" and "pluran" are other common ways to refer to headmates. "Sysmate" is also used by some, particularly by those who dislike the connotation that system members are "in the head" or an exclusively mental phenomenon.

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